Post Con Follow Up

October 4, 2009

A quick note for Superon attendees that were present at our panel (Breaking Into Comics for Print of Web). During our discussions, a few resources and books were mentioned. A couple of links or listings to all the aforementioned will be posted on this page within the couple of days proceeding the con. Sorry for any delay in posting.

Thank you all for attending our panel at Supercon, we have the information we shared with the attendees was helpful and informative. We had not anticipated attending Supercon and thought our con tour would end, but we were more than happy to join you in presenting our iformation. We already have various changes in mind for our 2010 con tour and the panel will be greatly improved upon, by then we should have articles posted on this website with the useful information we have tried sharing with you; if you jotted down your email address after the panel, we will keep you updated as to progress and posting of articles. Below we have the first of a few resources available.

Character Profile Questionnaire [link]

This sample character profile questionnaire, mentioned during our panel at Supercon, presents a series of questions about a character's personality and traits. Although not all of the details answered will reveal themselves in the story, they will help in the writing process and allow the writer to better understand the character allowing the story to take on more of a life of its own.

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